Thursday, 18 May 2017

FR17 - 2 days to go

As usual before a trip on the bike or in the car there are last minute things that need doing and all the paperwork to amass.

  • Breakdown cover for the car?  Done.  
  • Printing ticket for the train and the camp? Done.  

And the biggest and most frustrating job? Getting the satnav/GPS to work! I have waxed lyrically on my other blog about the new TomTom. Well it is back from the TomTom smurf shop apparently with nothing wrong with it! As I have little faith in it, I have made sure that the old satnav is up to date and can take us there if need be. Plus we have good old paper....

  • Passport looked out? Done
  • Reggie's passport? Done
  • Driving licence and car documents? Done

As we are self-catering.

  • Bed sheets and pillow cases? 
  • Towels?
  • Sleeping bags?
  • Foodstuffs?
  • Reggie's food and cool box to keep it cold/frozen?
  • Reggie's bedding?
  • Reggie's spare leads and raincoat.
  • Throws to stop Reggie making a mess?
  • Medicines?
  • Mosquito repellent?
  • Kettle?
  • Cameras and batteries?
  • Other electrical leads and chargers?
  • CD's for the car?
  • iPod and cable for the car?

What else? If I have forgotten anything please let me know....!

I just hope the Insignia is big enough to carry all the above plus Claire, Reggie and me!