Saturday, 31 July 2021

Staycation Norfolk

Two weeks to go before we set off. 

With Covid the owners are requiring extra time to clean up after the previous visitors and so we can't be in until 5pm.

On the way up we will be calling in at Claire's sister's house in Suffolk.

With it being a Friday it's the worst day for getting through the Dartford Crossing. Leaving after rush hour gives us time to get through and maybe have some stops on the way up.

Constable country for lunch? Flatford Mill?

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Still going up - Covid Cases

Cases are going up locally and we are supposed to be "free". Looks like the Government made a complete boo-boo with that decision.

The curve looked as though it was levelling a bit but has taken off again!

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Staycation 2022 - Three go to Devon Again


After trawling the internet for cottage booking sites I finally found a place that meets our criteria.  I actually wanted a place near to our childhood holiday resort of Dawlish Warren. I couldn't find anywhere in that area that suited us but we decided to stick to Devon anyway.

In the end we have booked and paid the deposit for a nice looking place in Brixham in Devon. It has two bedrooms and really importantly when you have a dog, an enclosed garden. The bonus is that it has off road parking for one car. We only have one! So many places are street parking or even council car-parks.

Total the cost for a week is £660 and I paid a third deposit today  It's still ten months away so we have plenty of time to refine things about what to do when we are there and of course, getting there. 

I think we might have to do the same as friends who live in the same area as us and leave about 5am!


Friday, 16 July 2021

Staycation 2022 - Devon or Suffolk?

It's a toss up between Suffolk and Devon. Personally I am in favour of Devon.  When we went in 2019 it was a long day in the car both days to get to North Devon where we had a cottage. 

Next year I will have retired and we will have unlimited time to drive down there.  The Juke is automatic and that will make it easier to drive if the traffic builds up. It has stop/start technology as well as auto hand-braking.

I had a look at dog friendly cottages today. Being able to go when we like and not stuck with school holidays means that the rental costs are much lower at the majority of places.

With a dog that likes to control his environment and becomes a little protective of the space, I always look for somewhere with a secure garden, and hopefully he'll be able to settle down. He does like to think that most of the area around our house is his territory and will bark at people he considers invading it.  So apartments are definitely out!

I have found a couple in Brixham in Devon.  Ideal for us with an enclosed garden and at a nice price, but some of them have no parking or suggest you buy a weekly ticket from the local council.

Many popular seaside places, like Brixham, can be a nightmare for parking, so onsite/off-road would be superb.

Keep on digging.

Staycation 2021 - Norfolk

I've not been looking at this all that much recently as it is done and dusted.  

All I have to do is look for places to go when we are there.

Various dog friendly web pages and apps will be used. It seems that wherever we look to go, the cottage is about 30 miles away!  name i and that's what Google maps "directions" says....

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Staycation 2022 - Coming Soon!

Now that Awaycation Tulips has bitten the dust as it were, I can turn my attentions to planning another staycation.  

Before then we have the Staycation 2021 - Norfolk to get through next month. 

The possible fly in the ointment is that despite the UK Government saying that from July 19th we are "free" from all the restraints that have been imposed since March 2020, the number of Covid cases continues to rise day on day.

We are just under a month away from the Norfolk trip and yet if this gets any worse we could be in lockdown?

Awaycation Tulips 6

Awaycation Tulips 6 marks the end of the planning and the decision to discontinue with this plan. Yep, you read that right.  Trip cancelled.

Tulips in the garden

It's is still a long way off but this decision has been a hard one to make.  As well as the ongoing and somewhat complicated relationship the UK has with the former "partners" in the EU since Brexit, and the apparent impossibility that Covid will ever be defeated we had a long hard look at plans.

Another reason is that our dog, Reggie, has begun to suffer with what can only be called "separation anxiety". With both of us being at home since March 2020, Claire retired and me working from home online, he is used to us being around.  

He follows us everywhere. Anyone that doesn't have animals in the home probably won't understand this can happen, but it is very real.

So,  I will have to start looking elsewhere but in UK.  I will be retired next year and so we can go whenever we want. Outside school holidays is fantastic after 24 years working in a local authority in the Education IT Support Department to go when I want to go is a boon. Not getting paid though isn't as much fun.