Thursday, 25 March 2021

Staycation 2021?

Whilst it gives us a chance to bang the drum for the UK's roll out of the vaccinations again Covid, it doesn't look good for foreign travel to the EU!

They have barely begun to vaccinate their populations and many are entering a third lockdown.  Depending on your political affiliations I guess you'll view the EU's lack of coherent strategy and blame culture differently.

First they don't order the OAZ vaccine. Then they complain they aren't getting enough supplies despite not actually authorising it for use. When that's done Macron and Merkel decide it's no good for over 65's.  Then they change their mind.  Now they are attacking the UK as we have vaccinated about 25 million adults.  They are way behind us. Now they want to ban exporting OAZ from EU countries to UK!

Both Claire and I have had the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. We are both 65+.

 We had the first jab back in early February.  We have had no major side effects and certainly aren't counted in the 17 people that had blood clots.  As there have been around 17 million OAZ jabs given so far it's small beef. 

Plus the World Health Organisation and European Medicines Agency have said there's no problems with it. 

So where does that leave holidays on 2021?  I think mine will be another staycation not just in the UK but at home.

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