Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Looking back to: June 2005

La Manga for a holiday. Back in those days I worked a normal workers contract. Management hadn't tried to force us to have school holidays and so we could go when we felt like it.

La Manga (Google Maps)

We stayed in a timeshare right at the end of the spit the furthest away from the nalnd end where you access the one road along the spit.

This old lighthouse is at the end of the spit of land where there is a gap from the open ses into the Mar Menor.

From this base it meant a long drive to get to the mainland a head any where. It was a holiday and supposed to be relaxing!

One such trip was to Cabo Palos.  For a paddle in the sea, proper sea not Mar Menor, and linch at the Miramar restaurant.  We ate here a few times when not self catering.

We did most of the shopping for foods locally. Getting off the spit was a long drive.

Another of the trips out was a short run to Cartagena. It was hot and a nice walk around to see the sites and of course the submarine.

Wednesday was beach day. Or at least part of it. The beaches at our end weren't that nice and seemed more like builders sand than nice golden beach sand.

Here we saw a merman. Only briefly...

Danger - Merman!!

Later it was back to the "resort" and dinner out and a walk around the more scenic parts. Those with nice views not of the car-park and building site opposite.

The next day we went to Murcia.  I have been there a few times as my ex-partner used to live there for a few years teaching.

Friday was our last full day in the area and we stayed local.  Only going for a last lunch at the Miramar in Cabo Palos.

Saturday was home day.

Lunch by the beach and then back to Alicante Airport via Elche.

And from there home to England.