Monday, 1 June 2020

SP20 - Refund?

When my MasterCard statement for 13th May finally arrived it showed that one of the refunds had come through! Although dated 13th, it is always at least the 20th before it arrives on the doormat.

This one for the car excess insurance with AXA through Cartrawler.  Still waiting for other arrive and hopefully we'll see if either have made it.  

I don't hold out much hope for seeing the airfare from Travel-Up as they constantly email every few weeks to say how stressed they are and how they have employed more staff.  I expect that last bit is to cover their arses for the cancellation fee that they have said they will charge.

I know they have a lot of clients but it;s getting on for three months that all our money has been in their bank account accruing interest....

So we wait.

Friday, 15 May 2020

SP20 - Refund?

  1. Another month has slipped by almost unnoticed.
  2. Another month of the lockdown that means that we only get to go out once a day for up to an hour of exercise or taking the dog for his walk.
  3. Another month of working from home.
  4. Another month queuing outside supermarkets or arranging (when you can) for them to deliver to the door.
  5. Another month of no refunds from Travel-Up and CarTrawler? 
I expect the last point will also become a statement of fact rather than a question.

Despite CarTrawler emailing weeks ago to say that both refunds had been made, this week they emailed to say "by 31st May"......

Travel-Up email every week or so to say that they are overworked and will do it as soon as possible.  Their phones are constantly engaged.

It does mean that once all this is over and the world of travel is back to normal there are two companies I might ignore when I am looking to book airfares and car-hire?  

Anyone guess which two?

Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Out of the ashes of both RT20 and SP20 it looks as though we might get a chance for a holiday in 2021.

I have even been whiling away some hours over a hot laptop (so hot that it decides to power off) and looking at the Vercors again.  Ideally this is a bike trip but Devall Travel is no longer a bike touring blog!

When?  Has to be summer as many of the passes are still shown as closed today (6th May 2020)  on Google maps. So this looks like August 2021!  

The current plan, such as it is, is just the Vercors.  No plans on how the get there or back.

The loop is based on a start/finish at Saint-Jean-en-Royans.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

RT20 - Lockdown

One of the places I had planned to pass through on the way to Nice.

The Vercors. At least I have the map to look at and plan for another time.

SP20 - Refund?

Well another MasterCard statement has arrived. Still no refund from Cartrawler or Travel-Up. Only takes seconds to pay and months to repay.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

SP20 - Refund?

So back in March I cancelled the hotels I had booked with 👍

RCI gave a credit for the exchange fee to use later and our points back. 👍

Still waiting for the airfare from Travel-Up. 👎

I also logged into Cartrawler and cancelled the car hire and emailed the excess insurance. Both replied on March 16th - refund in ten days.

My MasterCard statement dated April 13th came today. I guess March 16th to April 13th is less than 10 days!! 👎

More bloody emails...

Update 19/04/2020

Gatwick Parking.  One email sent on the 18th. Today email from them and then from PayPal to say that they have repaid the money.  👍👍

Cartrawler replied to say that they are sorry and that thir 10 day refund has gone longer and that they are experiencing unprecedented calls for refunds and therefore it is taking longer.  We'll see.

Friday, 17 April 2020

SP20 - Day 8

Instead of having a lay in and then later this afternoon checkout out of the apartment in Denia, we are of course at home in Kent on lockdown.

We have had a drive out to Tesco in Cheriton.  I happened to look on their website and saw that there were free "click and collect" slots today.  Marvellous. We could do most of our week's shopping and pay online and collect.

We were also able to get some things for our neighbour, Connie, who is in her 80's and lives alone after her husband passed in January.

Our flight home was to be tomorrow morning but of course, it was cancelled and we are here.  Still waiting to see what, if anything, has been credited back to my MasterCard.  Why am I not feeling confident that anything has arrived there yet?

Sunday, 12 April 2020

SP20 - Day 3

Or rather Locked down at home instead.

So instead of a nice Sunday meal out we'll eat at home and have a few glasses of Sam Miguel!


Friday, 10 April 2020

SP20 - Cancellation

I managed to cancel the car hire and the extra top-up insurance to update the rather piss poor insurance cover the car comes with as standard.

I lodged a claim with British Airways as they cancelled the flights under the Foreign Office instruction and Spain in lock down as well as the UK.  They said they'd send a voucher for the cost. Then they reneged on that and said to go to the travel agent.  Waiting for them now!

RCI were easy to deal with with an online chat session. They said they would give me a credit for the points used to book the apartment in Denia.  Plus they said that they would credit my bank with the cost of the booking. The credit has to be used by the end of September 2020.  As far as I am aware that means a booking has to be made by then!

Not having online banking for my MasterCard I can't see whether or not any money has been paid back yet. 

The April statement due in the next week or so. It usually triggers on the 13th of the month. 

Fingers crossed.

Monday, 16 March 2020

SP20 - And look what the post brought!

A bit late now but I suppose I can add it to my pile of maps and when we next get a chance I can dust it off.....