Tuesday, 19 February 2019

FL19 - Aer Lingus

Claire was asking what seats we had on the pkane on the long leg of the journey from Dublin to Miami and the reverse leg.

We have seats at the front of the economy cabin going. It means we won't have any dick reclining their seat under your chin. Like we had last time. 

Personally seats should have a restriction on the amount they can be reclined. If you want to recline go business class.

But. Coming back we have seats at the back. The "free" or standard seats. With Claire having a back problem,   I tried to change the reservation today. Online was hopeless. In the  end I called the airline and got the corresponding seats in the rear cabin for a supplement.

Even with that added the fare is still £250 each less than Virgin or BA.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

FR19 - Vercors Alpes Excursions

With two overnights planned for the Hotel des Sports in Chapelle en Vercors. I have planned a run out around the Vercors park for the main day we will be there.

Fitting in so much into a short time means that there will inevitably be some things that get missed.

I have called this day "Route des Gats", although it takes in quite a few different cols and scenic areas. As usual the planing is set to "no tolls".

Friday, 1 February 2019

FL19 - Aer Lingus & Car Hire

Another email from Aer Lingus confirming our flights.  As they didn't say that anything had changed I had a quick look against the previous email to see and there's nothing changed.

The re-timing of the Dublin to Miami flight in December might actually be a benefit as the US Immigration is done in Dublin and a bit longer might aid getting through there and maybe be a boon in Miami.  There are scare stories about Miami and the massive queues of foreigners trying to get in, whether with ESTA or Visa.

On the car-hire front I cancelled the National booking and have a new one with Dollar at a lower rate for an "intermediate" car.  The example is a Nissan Sentra. I don't tend to look at Nissan at home or away and so have little idea what one looks like.  I Googled it and this is a Sentra

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

FR19 - Vercors Alpes - Outward 2

A bit of measuring and re-planning and so the last part of the out sees a different plan emerging.

Point 11 is Combe Laval and 12 is the Resistance Museum.

Monday, 28 January 2019

FR19 - Vercors Alpes - Inward

With the MyRouteApp (MRA)  window open and alongside it Booking.com I have started to work out a route back from the Vercors. I have left it in the base mode and so it will pick up the fastest route.  I can set the "no tolls" option on the TomTom on the day of travel if I want to .

I don't usually plan fuel stops but given the plan is to go by bike and realistically butt ache and fuel become more important after 150 miles (Pepé's range is about 180 to 200 miles)  and that some of the routes are looking a little bereft of waypoints for petrol/gas stations I have used the "zoom in" and "PO"I for fuel in MRA more extensively that ever before.

If in the end we go by car (Corsa or Insignia) both have a far greater range that the bike.  I can more than likely remove the fuel stop waypoints.  Insignia has a cruising range of about 600 miles to the tank and for peace of mind I tend to fill up when the gauge gets towards a quarter full. 

In fact, the entire route at the moment is based on us going on the bike. If we end up in the car, then it gives us maybe more time at the overnight stops to tourist a bit.  

On the way out we have stops in Reims (champagne etc), Mâcon (wine) and Valence (?) before we get to the Vercors itself.  I have booked two nights there. The area is full of places to go like grottes and views, plus the roads that attracted me in the first place.  

So to the way back.

From Chapelle en Vercors I had a look at basically going north, kind of straight upwards.  This would slide past Geneva and then along the Rhine towards Germany.  I knocked that out and decided to head north-west and then turning upwards towards Paris.  A first overnight in Vichy (spa town) and then Melun (?) to the south-east of Paris itself.  This gives a final day of getting to the Tunnel.  

Of course, we hope that Brexit won't have seen it filled in! There is always the ferry.....