Wednesday, 15 February 2017

FR17 - Veterinarian Surgery!

Vets in France!

It seemed much easier for the FR16 trip.  The vets in Abbeville had a website and an email address.  I made an appointment by email and we turned up at the allotted time and it was all very easy.

Even though the Dordogne region must be home to thousands upon thousands of ex-pat British, locating a veterinary surgery that can dose Reggie with the worming pill designed to kill the usual tapeworms and a few that Europe keeps to itself, is proving plus difficile. As they say over there.

I put a note on Tripadvisor and also an email to the tourist board and the results seem to have led me to MC-Vet in Sarlat itself.  An email and we have a dialogue to book Reggie in there towards the end of the week we are there. Sarlat is only 7 miles from the campsite.

There is a particular tapeworm that we don't have in the UK, and that they have in Europe that we need to kill before it comes over to us. So the rules are that the treatment needs to be administered and the Pet Passport needs to be completed by a vet in Europe between 24 and 120 hours before return to UK. Ths apparently is enough to make sure that this pest doesn't come to the UK.

The rules are:

UPDATE 18/04/2017

Reggie booked in at MC-Vet for the Friday before we come home.  That gives us 2 days before the return crossing which is in the 24-120 hour window.

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