Sunday, 16 July 2017

BE17 - Passchendaele

The e-tickets arrived in the inbox on Saturday morning.  I had a quick look through and sent them to the printer to make sure we have the hard copy available for the day.

I need to get my suit out this week and make sure that it is cleaned and pressed.

Given that the battle one hundred years ago was renowned for the sea of mud that aided the massive casualty list,  we need to be ready for inclement weather. So I will take shoes able to resist.

Of course what can be carried is limited. But a waterproof coat is essential.

If only I had bought the "dude" boots to ride the bike. They look like ankle boots with a light brogue pattern but are motorcycle quality and waterproof.

What the guys in the trenches would have given for even simple water resistance.

The tickets don't mention a seating area for Claire. With her hip problem standing I'd difficult. I forgot to tell them that with my heart still under performing that I too could do with a seat.

Wait and see I expect.

Update: 20/07/2017

A further email arrived with more instructions linked and outlining access to the sites plus how to find the parking. They have sectioned off a long length of road way to the south-east of Zonnebeke with shuttle bus stops to get people from their cars to the Museum area. parking in a herringbone pattern along the road.

Along with this were other links that have given us the parking pass and the seating passes.

Suit still not taken to the cleaners!

Update: 25/07/2017

Checked that Reggie is booked on his holidays at the kennels from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning. He is booked in and we have paid for one night as a deposit.  Good job as they are fully booked up until September 3rd with no reserve spaces left.  Better check that he is booked there for FL17!

Update: 26/07/2017

Forgot all about breakdown cover in case the car decides to pack it in. A tenner for two days cover. Not bad I suppose and that includes getting it back home should the worst happen.

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