Friday, 9 August 2019

GB19 - Last Day

We were up early again as Reggie was on his early pee and poop regime again.

In the end we left at around 9.30am. TomTom reckoned it would be just short of 5 hours to get home. 

If only. 

First stop at the start of the A303. Three hours for 86 miles.

Heavy traffic. Very heavy everywhere. Holidaymakers in both directions. Wankers having accidents causing more holdups.

We got in the house just before 7pm.

Sadly I had to reset the TomTom earlier in the week and so I have lost the complete trip stats.  

So that's it... Another superb holiday top and tailed with terrible driving conditions.

For the holiday I created a Fuelly profile for the Corsa. Only three fill-ups on the entire trip after starting with a full tank at the start of the holiday.  I had expected it to be higher, but an overall 45mpg isn't bad considering the traffic jams we were stuck in for about four hours in each direction, where we crawled along in first or second gear!

And lastly - even though I took the Canon 1100D I didn't take too many pics!  Flickr Album

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