Friday, 6 September 2019

SP20 - España por favor - Accommodation

As I am going to use the timeshare week that needs to be used by December 2020, I have been searching on the website for ages.  

Our home laptop seems to run a WIN10 upgrade every time we turn it on and so it is a long process! The east coast is usually awash with places but as it is Easter there are fewer to choose from. Even La Manga looks like there are no vacancies.

I managed to get online at lunchtime at work and check a few places out.  In the end booked the week at Ona Ogisaka Garden in Dénia. It has some decent reviews both on the RCI edited version or Tripadvisor and on the main site too.

The week banked was worth 24 points and this cost 17 of them. So I have a rollover of 7 still to use!! Easier said than done in summer, but there often places in Autumn to use that on. 

It's about 60 miles to the site from the Ibis Budget, where we stay the night before.  We have almost all day to get there though.

Check out from the Ibis will be about noon. 


I will start to look to see what fiestas will be on. As it is Easter there is usually something happening. 

In Murcia they carry a Madonna on a kind of sledge from the Abbey at Fuensanta into the city to the Cathedral. She has a tour around the city. 

I have seen this twice. More about it here

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