Friday, 15 May 2020

SP20 - Refund?

  1. Another month has slipped by almost unnoticed.
  2. Another month of the lockdown that means that we only get to go out once a day for up to an hour of exercise or taking the dog for his walk.
  3. Another month of working from home.
  4. Another month queuing outside supermarkets or arranging (when you can) for them to deliver to the door.
  5. Another month of no refunds from Travel-Up and CarTrawler? 
I expect the last point will also become a statement of fact rather than a question.

Despite CarTrawler emailing weeks ago to say that both refunds had been made, this week they emailed to say "by 31st May"......

Travel-Up email every week or so to say that they are overworked and will do it as soon as possible.  Their phones are constantly engaged.

It does mean that once all this is over and the world of travel is back to normal there are two companies I might ignore when I am looking to book airfares and car-hire?  

Anyone guess which two?

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